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Live Letting Broadcast!

The next regularly scheduled
live audio broadcast of the
WVDOH letting will be
June 9, 2015

Special Letting: May 20, 2015

Please visit
WVDOT/DOH Cisco Meeting Place
to hear the letting.


The live audio broadcast of this letting
is sponsored by:

BB&T Square
300 Summers Street, Suite 1270
Charleston, WV 25301

Please note that the letting will NOT be activated until a few minutes
before 10:00 a.m.

2015 Scheduled Lettings

May 19
May 20
June 9
June 23
July 14
August 4
September 15
October 6
November 17
December 8


We hope you will find the links on this page of benefit when looking for information on the WVDOH web page. We have provided links for the most popular pages. You will find most items at the "Contractor Resource Center". This will take you to links for letting dates, bid results, quantities, publications, including the specification book and latest supplemental, materials procedures, etc.
Please note that the new 2001 Supplemental Specifications are now available. We would suggest that you download the Specification Book and the new Supplemental into one directory/folder – this will automatically link the two documents together. This way, when you are using the Specification Book, it will highlight areas impacted by the Supplemental in red and provide a link to the appropriate section of the Supplemental! This will save you a lot of time and you will know for sure that the specification you are reading is the most current. You will find the most current WV DOH asphalt price index on our price index page.


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