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Certified Emissions Statement (CES) Program - Deadline March 1, 2024

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The APA_WV is pleased to offer, for the 30th year, in collaboration with Potesta & Associates, Inc. a technical service program to assist you in completing the 2023 Emission Inventory.

As with last year, all sources are to submit their CES Emission Inventory electronically using the Division of Air Quality’s (DAQ) State and Local Emissions Inventory System (SLEIS) computer program. This year, the deadline for submittals has changed and is now March 1, 2024. The CES Emission Inventory is submitted electronically with the existing facility SLEIS account obtained in previous years. After the SLEIS submittal, DAQ will send the facility a Certified Emissions Statement Invoice (CESI) containing emissions information based on the SLEIS reporting. The facilities will then verify the information, sign the CESI forms, and return them to DAQ with a check for the operating fee.

Similar to last year, DAQ is expected to require the inclusion of the condensable particulate matter (PM) fraction of PM. Condensable PM is the fraction of PM which is vaporous in a vent stack that becomes solid in the atmosphere. If your facility has fuel burning emissions, PM condensables may impact the total PM emissions.

For each participant who requests the service, Potesta & Associates, Inc. (POTESTA) will send a request for information required to prepare the annual emissions which will still be estimated the same way as before unless there have been revisions to the site permit.

Potesta & Associates, Inc. (POTESTA) is offering the following service to members/participants of the Asphalt Pavement Association of WV at reduced group rates.

POTESTA, with the permission of the facilities, will prepare the emissions estimate and enter them into the SLEIS account based on requested information from each site for 2023 OY emissions data. The CES information must be submitted to DAQ prior to the due date of March 1, 2024.

If you would like to have POTESTA perform these services for your company, please fill out the attached “Service Request Form,” found HERE, and mail, fax, or email to POTESTA at the address shown on the form.

POTESTA is prepared to commence work on this project immediately upon receipt of Service Request Form. POTESTA proposes to perform this work on a lump-sum basis as shown in the following table. No additional costs will be incurred without your prior approval.

Facility  APA-WV Member Cost* Non APA-WV Member Cost*
 POTESTA has previously completed CES and there have been no changes to the air permit.
$1,050  $1,500 
 POTESTA has NOT previously completed CES or an air permit revision requires updating emissions calculations.  $1,500  $2,150
*Costs are quoted on a per facility basis and POTESTA needs to be notified about air permit revisions.

Member rates shown for services are based on actual costs for having the service performed. The APA-WV is charging non-members a higher rate to help offset related legal and environmental consulting fees. Non-members who join the APA-WV this calendar year will be given credit for the difference in rates toward their dues.

Click HERE, for the POTESTA's service request form to complete your CES inventory for 2023.

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WVDOH MP Committee Meeting - April 24

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WVDOH Price Index

April 2024

WVDOH has released the Asphalt, Concrete and Diesel Fuel price adjustment indexes for the month of April.  

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