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About Us

APAWV is a division of the Contractors Association of West Virginia, is a non-profit trade association representing the producers of asphalt and aggregates, laydown contractors, asphalt cement suppliers, equipment and material suppliers and other firms involved directly and indirectly in the asphalt industry. The Association represents the majority of such firms operating in West Virginia with their combined production accounting for over 90 percent of all asphalt production in the state. The APAWV, formerly the Flexible Pavements Council of WV (FPC), was formed by a progressive group of asphalt plant owners in 1979.

Members of the Association actively support and promote funding for West Virginia's transportation system. We believe that one of the major factors contributing to the health and stability of West Virginia is the maintenance of its highways, toll roads, streets, airports, parking areas, coal haul roads and railroads. Further, adequate recreational areas, safe and convenient industrial sites and sound environmental practices are vital to the social and economic well being of West Virginia and are also areas served by the asphalt industry.

While it provides a vehicle for the exchange of information among its members, the APAWV also serves specifiers and users of asphalt pavements and aggregates. The APAWV is constantly seeking new techniques, product improvements and design methods which are made available for the benefit of all pavement users.

Members listed on this website are actively engaged in the production of quality asphalt and utilize sound construction techniques. Virtually every area of the state is readily served by experienced asphalt and aggregate suppliers that produce West Virginia Division of Highways specification material. The map section of this site indicates plant locations for all member asphalt producer firms, as well as Districts of the West Virginia Division of Highways.

The APAWV maintains a close working relationship with the Asphalt Institute and the National Asphalt Pavement Association, both of which have many years of experience in assisting users of asphalt pavements. Thus, the Association can provide you direct contact with individuals who can provide practical advice and information on quality asphalt pavements. APAWV member firms are qualified and eager to serve you. We welcome inquiries about design procedures and cost estimates, regardless of your pavement needs. In addition, the Association office stands ready to provide information or assistance upon your request.

If you're interested in becoming a member, please email