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As the technical association for the asphalt industry in West Virginia, APA-WV is committed to the success of its member companies – contractors, suppliers, and supporters of the industry, through technical leadership, member services, and training/education activities.  WV-APA's has many years of expertise in the areas of asphalt materials, asphalt production and laydown, pavement engineering, and testing.  Their background is used support members with current challenges and to pave the way for the implementation of new specifications and technologies.


Every year, APAWV hosts meetings and events with the industry’s largest customers – WVDOT, FHWA, and local governments.  The annual Asphalt Paving Conference is WV's premier asphalt seminars bring together over 200 attendees from across the state.  The APA also hosts the Joint Subcommittee of Asphalt Materials, a committee of over 100 members dedicated to the cooperative advancement of technology and performance of asphalt materials in the state.  In addition the APA also holds their annual Fall Meeting.  The Fall meeting is a member exclusive event, with more intimate conversations with the WVDOH.


With APA-WV's strong technical focus, training and education is second nature.  APA-WV staff and members work closely with the Contractors Association of WV to offer two technician trainings every year.  The Asphalt Plant Technician and Asphalt Field and Compaction technician trainings are both required by WVDOH specification for asphalt paving projects and are designed to prepare technicians for their roles in the industry.  In addition, APA-WV holds annual Asphalt Mix Design technician courses to certify technicians in both Marshall and Superpave Mix Design methodologies.


  • Producer Member: a company actively engaged in the production of Asphalt Concrete in West Virginia. It subscribes to the purpose of the Association to further improve the structural and economic advantages of Asphalt to thereby extend its use in West Virginia.
  • Lay Down Contractor Member: a company actively engaged in placing Asphalt Concrete in West Virginia.
  • Associate Member(five categories)
    • Asphalt Supplier Member: a supplier of liquid asphalt cements and emulsions.
    • Equipment Manufacturer Member: a producer of large equipment on the scale of trucks, rollers, pavers, MTVs, milling machines, plants, etc.
    • Aggregate Member: a supplier of aggregate in the scope of asphalt production.
    • Transporter / Subcontractor: a transporter of materials or subcontractor involved in the activities of the asphalt paving process such as traffic control, pavement marking, guardrail, milling, etc.
    • Professional Services / Other: a company that is interested directly or indirectly in the use of asphalt paving including suppliers of materials, equipment and/or services, but does not fit other membership categories.  Example services include Auditing, Accounting, Insurance, Engineering Consulting, Legal, Laboratory testing, etc.

Benefits of APAWV membership include:

  • Discounted registration for the annual Paving Conference;
  • West Virginia Asphalt industry specific news releases;
  • Discounted Asphalt Mix Design certification classes;
  • An invitation to the Fall Annual Meeting, our annual family friendly retreat;
  • Insight and input in specification development and deployment;
  • Company listing in the biennial membership directory (online and print); and
  • A printed copy of membership directory.